MARCH/APRIL 2017, VOL 42 No 4

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Well, here we go, my first column as your new Vice Chairman. If you haven't seen my biography on the website, you'll find the official version in this issue of MGA! on page 22, or you can just go with the following "shortform" introduction.

My wife, Mitzi, and I live in Fenton, MI. and our local club is the Michigan Rowdies. We joined NAMGAR in 2004, so we’re newcomers to the organization compared to many of you. We have three MGs: a 1958 MGA Roadster, a 1952 MG TD, and a 1959 MG Magnette ZB. We’ve put a lot of miles on the A since completing its restoration in 2008, including attending all the GTs since we joined except for the All MG events in Gatlinburg and Reno.

This position is not something I ever planned for or expected, but I hope I can do a good job and come out of this still feeling okay about myself. It’s also a bit out of sequence for what’s normal for our changing of officers. So when the question came to me about accepting this position, it was not an easy one. I did finally agree to accept the position and I know everyone within the NAMGAR organization will go out of their way to help any way they can. As I undertake this, I’m apprehensive, unsure, and honored, all at the same time.

I was able to attend the most recent Board meeting and think I learned a lot about the operation of our organization at the national level during the meeting. It looks like I’ll have to hit the ground running to keep up with everything expected of me. A lot of things got tossed my way at the Board meeting, but most were not a great surprise.

Our meeting was held in Solvang, CA, the site of our upcoming GT in June. It gave all of us a chance to experience the Hotel Corque, our host hotel for the GT. It also gave us a chance to experience the town of Solvang. We received an update from the host clubs: The Paradise British Car Club and MG Owners Club of Northern California. The dates for the GT are June 19 – 23.

Their schedule is still under development because the area has so many things to do. It’s proving very difficult to whittle them all down to events that will fit the GT schedule. Details including registration information are available elsewhere in the magazine and on the GT website. Another thing I learned during our stay for the Board meeting is that there’s not an overabundance of available rooms in the host hotel, so I recommend you make your reservation as soon as possible.

If you live on the West Coast, you need to be making plans to attend GT-42. California has the highest number of NAMGAR members of any state or province. Not counting the All MG meet in Reno in 2011, this is NAMGAR’s first GT out west in a number of years, so you owe it to yourself to attend if you live in the western U.S. or Canada. We’ve had complaints about the lack of GTs out west and I’m not sure when the next one in this part of the country will be. So, choose your registration method and go for it. And stop and say hello at the GT.

Whether or not you make it to the GT, don’t forget events being held by your local club. There are also some other events to remember: the 2017 “Brits in Paradise” in Key West, FL to be held April 24 – 28; and the 40th anniversary of the Buckayes in Akron, OH is planned for July 11 - 14.

As I write this, the 2017 events  schedule for the Rowdies is still under development. But by the time you read this, our annual business meeting will have taken place– yes, I said annual as in we only have the single meeting each year. But a sure thing on the schedule will be the birthday party held in April in Cecil Kimber’s honor. It’s not a Rowdies specific event, but is attended by most of the Michigan based clubs. It’s also our first outing of the year after the business meeting and gives us all a chance to give our cars their first test of the season to see how they survived winter. Unfortunately, sometimes the weather doesn’t cooperate and the MGs stay home while we attend in Detroit Iron.

Most NAMGAR members with a history of the organization know that it’s up to the Vice Chairman to coordinate NAMGAR events. This includes, of course, both National and Regional GTs. So if your club has an interest in hosting either a national or regional event, contact me. Both my phone # and email are on the Masthead at the beginning of the magazine. And don’t be surprised if you find me on the other end of an email or phone call. I might think you live in an area that looks inviting to other NAMGAR members and is a great place to have a GT. Remember, we all need your help in setting up future GTs.

If you’re concerned about hosting a National GT, then consider a Regional event as a way to get started. They’re very low key and smaller in size, so it doesn’t take much in planning. Those of you who live in warmer climes may be far ahead in getting your cars on the road again for a new driving season. And no matter where you live, take a trip as a group, as a club, or on your own on “Drive Your MGA Day” on May 6th.

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Last updated on March 26, 2017.