Photo for JULY/AUGUST 2018, VOL 43 NO 6

It looks like summer has finally made it here; spring and summer were a long time coming to our area. I hope you’ve been able to take advantage of the events and/or trips held by your club.

We always look forward to a day of taking the MG to a local event and meeting up with club members for a meal or socializing. The issue is that there are so many things scheduled in the summer months that it becomes impossible to make them all. Family and other events continue to happen, too, and none of us want to miss any MG events, family events, personal events, etc. Sometimes we have to pick and choose. Unfortunately, that sometimes enters into MG events we’re forced to miss, too. On a personal note, I am still interested in building and flying radio controlled airplanes, but hardly ever have the time for it anymore. I do still manage a weekly breakfast with some members of that club.

Speaking of events, it was a great drive to Richmond for a great GT. Okay, I’m writing this before the drive or the GT. But Mitzi & I always try to caravan with one or more MGA owners to a GT and our plan is the same this year. It looks like we’ll have three cars in our caravan, possibly four. That in itself always makes for a great drive. Even when we have car issues, we manage to look back on the drive as a good time. Maybe the good memories don’t happen right away, but we can (almost always) look back to a good time with friends. There’s no doubt in my mind that the GT was great, too. I know how much hard work went into the preparation. And Richmond is a great city to have a good time in.

As you know, the Coupe was the featured model for the GT. I know there were some Coupe owners that weren’t able to get their cars running for the GT, but I urge them to hang in there and try for next year. I hope the Coupe owners that did make it were happy with the GT and had a good time. I know that congratulations go out from all attendees to the host clubs: Mid-Atlantic MGA Chapter and the Central Virginia British Car Club. The respective co-chairmen, Bill Marshall and Bruce Woodson, as well as their teams, were key in putting the event together.

We did manage to make our European River Cruise. We weren’t sure how it would work out due to ongoing medical issues. But make it we did and we had a great time. As always, though, it was good to get back home. Our upcoming travel plans include a family reunion in the Finger Lakes region of New York. That should also be a good time.

As you know if you attended GT- 43, the location for GT-44 was announced. It will be in held in the historic town of Dubuque, Iowa, from July 10 – 14, 2019. The host club will be the Minnesota MG Vintage Racers. As you can imagine, they hope to entice those that are part of the vintage racing community to make sure they attend. In fact, they’ve been hard at work spreading the word to vintage racers. You may have known about this since NAMGAR elected to announce the date and location of this GT ahead of time via our eNews! publication.

This will be another GT that begins on a Wednesday and finishes on a Sunday. Similar to this year’s event, the timing of GT-44 is being set up to allow racers to make it from the GT to a nearby race event. More details to follow.

Dubuque is located on the banks of the Mississippi River so drives along the river should be a popular attraction during the GT. The car show will also be on the river and the host hotel, Hotel Julien, is very close by in downtown Dubuque. Dubuque offers a variety of restaurants, shops, history, and so on to keep visitors happy. The nearby town of Galena, IL, is another historic location that will be available to visit during our stay there. It’s an interesting area with the states of Illinois & Wisconsin literally on the other side of the river. Minnesota is just a couple of hours north of Dubuque. The agenda is still being developed, but there are many nearby locations being considered by the host club that I’m certain will be popular.

My only recent work on the ‘A’ was some maintenance issues like an oil change, lubrication, etc. My primary work of late has been on the Magnette. I had slowed work on the Magnette during the winter due to the title problem I mentioned in the last issue. As a reminder, I did not receive a title when I purchased the car and withheld some money from the purchase price until the previous owner provided the title. His promise for a title finally disappeared about a year and a half after purchase, so I was left with trying to get a title on my own. It took three trips to a Michigan Secretary of State office to get it finalized!

Now who out there is interested in putting together a Regional or a National GT? I know there is someone or some club that has an interest. Just let me know and I can help get you moving forward.

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Last updated on October 15, 2018.