Photo for JULY/AUGUST 2017, VOL 42 NO 6

Summer is finally here and I know we’re all glad it’s finally made it. It’s great to be able to take our MGs out more or less when it suits us. I have to admit, though, I still avoid the rainy days, but as the summer goes on those seem to get fewer and fewer.

I hope your club is helping with that by including lots of local get-togethers. It’s fun to take the cars on another drive and it’s great to catch up with old friends at the same time. Our club has by now had several driving events, but we’ve had mixed results as far as the weather goes. That’s sort of to be expected in our part of the country in spring and early summer. Also thanks go out to those clubs that submitted photos from Drive Your MGA Day. I know some clubs celebrate this event at different times depending on local weather and/or other club activities. Either way, sharing your event is always welcome.

I also trust that everyone that drove to GT-42 in their British car made it with no mishaps. Or that any problems were at least minimal. As those who attended know by now, Solvang turned out to be a great time. It was a great location with lots to do both locally and nearby. Even though we flew there, I’m sure our report by the time you read this will be that we also had a great time. Of course, the MG Owners Club of Northern California and the Paradise British Car Club were our hosts - both of these clubs are to be congratulated for their time and effort in putting together another great GT. The next issue of MGA! will have many more wrap-up details of GT-42 including the various car class winners.

So what’s next in the GT arena? It was announced in Solvang that GT-43 will be held in Richmond, VA. We’ll once again have two clubs combining forces to host a GT. For GT-43, those clubs will be the Mid-Atlantic MGA Chapter and the Central Virginia British Car Club. Mitzi and I have had the opportunity to visit this area and found it to be very scenic with loads of nice driving roads and lots of places to see. It’s an area that’s also near a lot of Civil War history. Planning is well underway and I’m sure it will prove to be another winning GT put on by these active clubs.

On a personal note, our family is planning to take a nice mini-vacation around July 4th. Granted this is a very American holiday, but wherever you live, take time off to enjoy your family. We have two significant birthdays in our family group around that time, so it makes sense to celebrate together. Our plan is to relax in western Michigan along Lake Michigan and enjoy some time together. It will be a sizeable group with all our children and grandchildren, but we’ve managed to find a rental that will house us all together. Our time together will just be for a few days, but that will probably ensure we don’t have time to get under each other’s skin.

Speaking of travel, it’s very unusual that I’ve made two trips to California this year and a third trip is planned. We’ll be going to San Diego for the upcoming wedding of our nephew in the fall. One of these days, maybe we’ll finally get around to a driving trip out west. We’d love to do it, but it takes a lot of time out of the calendar so we’ll see.

On another note, I mentioned earlier that I had a problem with squealing front drum brakes on my MGA. I’ve now replaced both front drums and that seems to have solved the problem. When I originally restored my A, I wondered about the drum measurements and wanted to make sure there’d be no problem with brake shoe adjustment. All checked out okay, but at that time replacement front drums were not easily found, so I decided that the originals were going to be satisfactory. I’ve had to make more than one panic stop over time and everything has worked just fine. I now have 26,000 miles on the car and can’t really complain about the brakes except for the noise, which was both annoying and embarrassing. After removing the originals, I did discover a major “divot” on one of the drums. Could that have been the noise source? Who knows, but now that new drums are more readily available, it looks like that has fit the bill of solving my problem. At least I hope so – need to get a few more miles on the car to confirm that’s the case.

On my TD, I’ve managed to get the new top installed. This particular top was still new in the box when I purchased the car and was at least 35 years old. I’m impressed by how good it held up and how good it looks after the install. Now on to the side curtains. I’m not sure about the timing of them as I can rationalize that I could make it to Akron and back for the GOF without them being ready. That makes the assumption that we won’t run into any big time rain showers, usually a good bet, but you never know.

My work on the disassembly of the Magnette continues, but has slowed considerably with everything else that’s going on. The engine is basically ready to come out, but I’m holding off to man age space in my garage. I’ve only disassembled one of the doors so far and the entire suspension system has yet to be tackled. All in good time, I hope.

My main assignment within the NAMGAR organization still hasn’t changed and still involves the planning and scheduling of future GTs and Regionals. Once again, consider hosting a GT in your area. Everyone lives near interesting places to visit. Maybe you’ve just gotten used to these places, but if you enjoy them, other NAMGAR members would probably enjoy them too. So reach out and share your area with the rest of the NAMGAR community. Or start by sharing your area by hosting a Regional, which involves a much smaller group and can be organized quickly. Contact me at vicechairman@namgar.com and let me help you put something together. In the meantime, happy MGA motoring!

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Last updated on August 22, 2017.