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Those of us in the northern parts of the U.S. & Canada are now putting up with the lack of good driving weather. My storage building isn’t insulated so I hold off working out there until the outside temperature is above the mid 20s. Even then, I’m not too thrilled to venture out so we spend a lot of days holed up inside or involved in other things.

I do have a few projects to tackle this time of year, so I hope to get as many of them as I can checked off the list. And you can be sure I’ll be looking for any projects I can accomplish inside.

Of course, if you live in a part of the country with better winter weather, this may be the perfect time of year for joining in for club or individual drives. If so, continue to have a great time as many of us can only wish we could do the same.

As I write this, our own club just had their annual Christmas party. As always, it was a good time since we often see members that aren’t able to join us for other events during the year but manage to make it to the party. Our annual gift exchange, which is a random sort of activity, adds to the fun. I hope your club was able to have their own party. The weather for our gathering here in Michigan was good enough that we had several MGs make the trip. Our next club event will be our annual business meeting where we try to come up with our events for the year, review our finances, elect officers, and handle other necessary club business. We try to move the location around each year and include a potluck meal as part of it. I suppose that and the Christmas party are our mechanisms for keeping in touch when the weather’s not so good.

I trust Christmas went well for you and your family. It’s a great time for family get-togethers, so I hope everyone was able to have some time catching up with family members especially if you had some come from quite a distance away. And here’s hoping you got some things you were hoping for, whether they were car related or not. Maybe you even got something you didn’t know you wanted, but you’re now happy you got that special something.

The NAMGAR Board meeting will be held in March this year. We review many subjects including those brought before us by NAMGAR members. So I encourage any of you that have special concerns or issues you’d like to make the Board aware of, to let us know. Our contact information is at the front of the magazine.

This is when many of us start thinking about trips we’re going to be making over the coming year. Mitzi and I are currently planning a river cruise in Europe this spring and we’re really looking forward to it since we’ve never done a river cruise. It should be fun. Speaking of trips, and I hope everyone knows, GT-43, planned for Richmond, VA, is now in view – probably just over four months from the time you’re reading this issue. Dates for the GT will be Wed, June 13 to Sun, June 17. Look for the informational article in this issue of MGA! and on namgar.com which should really encourage you to be making plans. You’ll also find the registration form. Planning is well underway by the host clubs, the Mid-Atlantic MGA Chapter and the Central Virginia British Car Club. As I’ve mentioned, the MGA Coupe is the featured model so Coupe owners have a special reason to make the trip. Also in the works is the “Rallye to Richmond.” This will allow you to join up with other travelers making their way to Richmond. Our cars are actually very reliable, but traveling with others can provide some peace of mind.

Okay, a quick update on my TD transmission problem: The TD transmission is actually very similar to the MGA transmission. If you remember, I sometimes had difficulty shifting from 2nd to 3rd with the result being the transmission locking up. I had discovered that the pin internal to the 3rd / 4th selector shaft was frozen which, in turn, did not move or hold the selector ##### as it should have. Just as this article was due for the last issue, I was waiting to get a modified shaft back to install in the transmission. I have since received it and have installed it. I could tell that the shifts felt more solid just on the bench, so I installed the tranny back into the car. That was a job in itself since I had removed it via the interior with removal of the seats, tunnel, carpeting, floorboards, etc. Anyway, a quick spin around the neighborhood indicates it is “probably” fixed. It felt like the shifts were more solid, but I can’t be totally sure until better weather returns and I can get a few more miles on it. Ever since I finished this car, I’ve been reluctant to venture too far from home because of this issue. I’m hoping my attitude toward driving it will now change. I should be able to verify that in the spring.

I mentioned a couple of issues ago that I had installed LED lights on my TD. I have now gotten some LED lights for my MGA. That’s one of my winter projects. You can probably tell I don’t seem to move very fast on my car updates. I like to think maybe that’s because I have too many things going on, but reality could be that I’m just getting lazy as I get older. In any case, I trust these lights will brighten up my brake and turn signal lighting and make me feel better about cars behind me having a clue about what I’m about to do.

I continue to ask clubs to consider scheduling a future Regional or National GT. It’s not a secret that most NAMGAR clubs have more than just MGA members and may include other MGs and/or other British vehicles. Sometimes, it makes more sense for two clubs to join forces to put on a National GT. I think of this as a way to increase the number of NAMGAR members involved in a GT. However, last year’s GT-42 in Solvang and this year’s GT-43 in Richmond show that everyone in the hosting clubs joins in to help organize and support the event. I guess I’m saying that both ways (single or dual clubs) work, but having more manpower helps with the mental picture of putting one on. Give an event a try – it’ll end up being a great time for you and for everyone attending. You’ll look back on it with a lot of pride with being able to show off your area as you put on “your” GT.

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Last updated on January 8, 2018.