Photo for JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2019, VOL 44 NO 3

Well, I’m stepping up! As I write this over Thanksgiving weekend, I am reminded how fortunate we are to have such a fun hobby. I, too, was deeply saddened by Carol Shamonsky’s passing. She truly was a great lady and a visionary for NAMGAR.

My transition to Chairman had hit a wall with this news. But thanks to our experienced Board, all has been righted. I’ll be taking the reins of
chairmanship at the annual Board Meeting in January. I look forward to continuing Carol’s vision along with the successful lead of all the previous Chairmen in making our shared hobby even better.

GT-44 is looking to be an exciting and memorable meet. The host committee is endeavoring to make this GT a one of kind. Tying in the vintage racing the following week will make a super vacation. Thinking of the race cars running on “Road America,” I can smell the rubber and hear the rumble of non-emission motors...and the exhaust notes! Thanks to the Minnesota MG Vintage Racers (MMGVR). Don’t miss out! Register early!

I have already been baptized by the “Council of MG Registers,” with the schedule for 2021. As Chairman, I will continue to represent NAMGAR to ensure a beneficial relationship and successful GT-46 for us. The All-MG 2021 meet promises to be a super hit for us “A-Types.”

Incidentally, I have recently picked up the habit of referring to our MGAs as “A-Types.” I have no scientific reason for this...other than I’m old and opinionated. I’m certainly not trying to slight our fellow Magnettes or Variants, although “Z-Type” seems logical. I’m guessing this new habit has come about from constant envy and lust for “E-Types!” Now, I long ago accepted the fact that my chance of some day owning an “E Type” was moot. However, I could win the Lotto! Anyway, this reverence seems to kick in when I hear someone whining about a repair or frustration of working on or owning an “E-Type.” I can’t help myself and must voice my retort of, “At least my “A-Type” reliably starts every time!” This usually results in someone walking away...and it’s not me!

Okay, I'm soon to be the Chairman and face of NAMGAR. This is in my job description that I have been reading and studying in our club By laws
and Operations Manual. So, I promise to try and put on my best smiling face at all times...even if I have to park next to a Triumph!

’Til next time...Cheers and “Safety Fast!” 

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Last updated on January 11, 2019.