Nominations for the Postion of NAMGAR Vice Chairman

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The NAMGAR Board of Directors has announced that Chairman, Bruce Woodson, will be stepping down from this position at the end of his tenure in early 2015.

As a result of these changes, the NAMGAR Board is now calling for nominations from NAMGAR members for the position of Vice Chairman to replace Carol Shamonsky. Details of the Vice Chairman's role are provided below. Please email Bruce Woodson or Carol Shamonsky if you have questions, or wish to submit your nomination. Nominations for the Vice Chairman position close on August 1st, 2014.

The Vice Chairman performs the duties of the Chairman in his or her absence. This means that the Vice Chairman must be knowledgeable of the responsibilities and actions of the Chairman. The Vice-Chairman is also responsible for coordinating national events sponsored by NAMGAR and assisting local groups in sponsoring regional and local events.

As part of GT coordination, the Vice Chairman solicits NAMGAR Chapters, groups, and individuals to host national events. He or she presents potential host proposals to the Board of Directors for discussion and approval.

The Vice Chairman ensures that the NAMGAR Events Guideline document is kept current. He or she distributes this document to persons or groups expressing an interest in hosting an event. The Vice Chairman is also responsible for ensuring that event organizers have the most current, approved copy at their disposal. The Vice Chairman meets with national, regional, and local events coordinators and their committees, to answer questions and resolve issues regarding hosting events.

Other Vice Chairman duties include providing a report of GT and event activity at the annual Board meeting and maintaining an adequate inventory of event awards, placards and other event related items supplied by NAMGAR.

The Vice Chairman directly manages the Chapter & Interest Group Coordinator staff position and chapter relations. The Vice Chairman receives Renkenberger Spirit Award nominee details from the NAMGAR Chapter Coordinator once the recipient has been verified and ensures the awards are properly engraved and delivered to the appropriate Chapter Contact. The Vice Chairman also oversees the awarding of the NAMGAR GT Chapter Attendance Award by the Chapter & Interest Group Coordinators.   the Chapter Coordinators do and once they verify the receipient then the Vice-Chairman gets the award produced and sent to the correct Chapter contact for presentation.

The Vice Chairman is nominated by a NAMGAR member and is approved by a majority vote of the Board of Directors. To be considered for the Vice Chairman position, one must:

  • Be a NAMGAR member in good standing.
  • Have demonstrated leadership skills at the local or national level.
  • Be willing to serve as Vice Chairman for a period of four (4) years.
  • Write an article for each issue of MGA! magazine.
  • Attend the annual NAMGAR Board meeting and the annual GT.
  • Be willing to perform the duties of the Chairman in his or her absence.

The Vice Chairman must have a personal computer and access to the Internet. He or she must be familiar with word processing and electronic mail software.

At the end of the Vice Chairman’s initial term of office, he or she may elect to resign or, at the discretion of the Board of Directors, remain in the position on a year-to-year basis. A Vice Chairman becomes effective once a replacement candidate is identified and installed as the new Vice Chairman.

The Vice Chairman can expect to spend approximately forty (40) hours per month fulfilling his or her duties. Some travel is required.


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Last updated on September 19, 2014.