Photo for NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2014, VOL 40/NO 2

I barely receive my issue of the magazine before my next article is due. Luckily I can read Bill’s copy earlier. Where does the time go? It’s actually been over a month since our Regional at Watkins Glen. How can that be? We spent five great days with a mixture of race events and area attractions in the company of friends. Be sure to read the follow-up articles in this issue and on the website.

As you read this, 2014 will be coming to an end. I’ve been taking much pleasure in looking at the colorful landscape, so full of bright oranges, reds, and yellows; but soon the leaves will all fall to the ground (which they are starting to do) and the tree's limbs will be barren. Most clubs will have had their end of the driving season activity and will be planning a holiday party for their members. We do miss being able to share that with our local club as we have left the area long before then. Perhaps we’ll have an adopted club to spread holiday cheer with.

This is probably close to, if not, the last article that I’ll be writing as Vice-Chairman. My term will end at the upcoming Board meeting – date hasn’t been set yet; but if there is something you wish to bring to the Board’s attention please let Bruce or me know. How is it possible that four years have passed? I’ve enjoyed being Vice-Chairman and have made many new friends along the way. I am looking forward to becoming Chairman and being able to serve the membership in my new role. I’m guessing that the next time I will see most of you will be in that role at GT-40 in Frankenmuth, MI. Our host chapter is the Michigan Rowdies; so I’m sure that we will have a great time there. Be sure to make plans to join us!

What else will 2015 have in store for us? That is a good question. There is plenty of room for a Regional or two, perhaps even three. Wouldn’t it be fantastic to have a Regional in the eastern U.S., one in the western U.S., and one in the middle of the country? Now is the time to start planning and make that happen. Our guidelines suggest a two-month window around a GT, so that means late March/April or September/October are available time slots.

Plans have been started on a Fall Regional in the east; but I am waiting to hear of possibilities elsewhere. Quite a few folks were talking about possibly hosting in the future while enjoying their time in Watkins Glen; so pick up the phone or drop me an email and we’ll get started!

I’m hoping by the time you read this that we actually have a candidate for the Vice-Chairman position. The position and responsibilities have grown over the years and it may be time to think about some restructuring of the role. There are a few ways we can make the position less intimidating; so if you’ve ever considered possibly volunteering, but perhaps hesitated, let’s talk.

Our organization will continue to grow and be strong if we continue to excite our members and encourage them to “give back” to NAMGAR. This is a volunteer organization, which means we rely on our members to do their part, however small or large that may be.

As the saying goes, “Many hands make light work.” I noticed yesterday a group of volunteers painting a local cemetery’s fence; it wasn’t just one or two as the job would have seemed overwhelming. But by having more people the job was being divided and the work was progressing nicely. Think about what you feel comfortable offering as your contribution. Join the fun and help keep NAMGAR the great family that it is! I’ll be counting on all of you when I take on my new role.

Stay safe and healthy; welcome in 2015 as a new year full of opportunities!

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Last updated on February 2, 2015.