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I am writing this on a record cold day of winter; there’s talk of postponing the Super Bowl because of cold and heavy snow, though I doubt that will really happen. This has been a brutal winter in many parts of our country and I have to say one that I hope will not be repeated next year.

Hopefully by the time this reaches you the weather has become more spring-like and your thoughts are leaning towards getting your car ready for outings. Many local clubs are ready to gear up for their driving season; so check out the activities in your area and join them as it’s always more fun with friends. Check the Events Calendar on the NAMGAR website.

Speaking of doing events with friends, be sure to check out all the excitement concerning GT-39 in July in Ottawa, Canada. It’s going to be a memorable time so you need to get your hotel reservations booked, your GT registration mailed in or completed online, your passport checked to make sure it’s good for travel beyond July, and your car ready to make the trip. Now not everyone will be taking a car to the GT and that is fine; we’re going to enjoy your being there no matter how you arrive! Start planning your activities at the big event by visiting the event website. I’m excited to say that NAMGAR going to Ottawa this summer is “A Capital Idea.” Hope to see you there.

For those of you who will be traveling from the western part of the US and Canada, there is the “Cruise to the Capital” Regional that starts July 4th in Vancouver and ends up July 14th in Ottawa for GT-39. That’s an extended vacation! More time = more fun. I’ve heard rumblings that some folks in the eastern part of the U. S. may be shipping their cars west to join in the adventure. Click here for further details on the Cruise to the Capital.

A few months following the GT will find us in Watkins Glen for the “NAMGAR at the Glen 2014” Regional. Every year many of our members head to Watkins Glen for the Vintage Racing weekend the first week of September, but this year there will be even more as 2014 marks the 60th Anniversary of the Collier Brothers Memorial Trophy Race. We’ve already received word that the Tour de Marque has sold out in the shortest time ever; could be since the marque for the event is MG! Those coming to the Regional will have time to explore the area and do some of the cherished touristy activities plus attend both the Grand Prix Festival of Watkins Glen and the Glenora Wine Cellars U.S. Vintage Grand Prix.

Tickets for the Grand Prix must be purchased through the Watkins Glen International Raceway by calling 1-866-461-RACE or at the Watkins Glen website. The Registration form and schedule of events for “NAMGAR at the Glen” can be found in the March/April issue of MGA! and on the NAMGAR website. Hope you can join us!

Well, it may be cold outside, but I’m feeling warm and happy thinking of spring, summer and fall driving events and time spent with my NAMGAR family. There are lots of wonderful memories just waiting to be made. Perhaps your Chapter would like to add to the list? If so, email me and we can talk about how you can do just that. I’d love to hear from both the middle and western parts of the country; we have many members there that are looking for us to plan events closer to them. You can help us to do just that!

On another note, I’m not exactly sure when the requests go out for those seeking to become the new Vice-Chairman, but if you think you might be interested give me a call at 570-954-8580 and we can chat. I can tell you that it is a most rewarding position in that not only are you volunteering for an organization that is more like a family, but you get to see folks having a great time that you helped make happen. You also get a chance to help shape the future of this organization of close to two thousand members with a life-lasting love for that small British car.

Until I see you face to face, stay healthy, and drive safe!

Click here to review a copy of the Vice Chairman's job description. Internet Coordinator's Note - Nominations are now open for the postion of Vice Chairman. Nominations close on August 1, 2014.

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Last updated on March 30, 2014.