Photo for AUGUST/SEPTEMBER 2014, VOL 40/No 6

This month's "Under the Bonnet" is filled with memories and happenings from GT-39; hope you were a part of it, for as they say, “the party’s over” and what a party it was!

We had a cruise on the Ottawa River and a spectacular car show complete with Mounties and a video shot from a drone flying overhead, just to mention a few things. The only activity that was dampened was the Changing of the Guard on Ottawa’s Parliament Hill Tuesday morning. Rain coming down forced the cancellation of the event though many folks ventured back to Parliament Hill on Thursday morning to see the Changing of the Guard take place under sunny skies.

By now everyone has made it home safely. I know that some folks had planned extended trips following the GT, so that their fun times didn’t end on Friday morning as they bid everyone “good-bye.” Bill and I had a memorable ride home, first as we encountered a 45 minute stop on the Canadian side before crossing the bridge that takes you through customs due to long lines there. When we finally got rolling again, there was a shorter stop going through customs as we were waved into a new line. Unfortunately, about 70 plus miles from home, our truck blew a transmission line, bringing us to a complete stop on the side of I-81. Fortunately, we were in the shade and had some great NAMGAR folks stop for a while to ensure that we were fine and offer assistance. Ninety minutes later our truck was loaded onto a rollback and our trailer with the Magnette on it was towed behind the rollback to a garage where we quickly unloaded the Magnette, filled it with our belongings and continued on our way home. It was great having a spare car to help us along!

Our truck, once repaired, came home only to find out, a few days later, that the fixes that had been made weren’t sufficient. So once again the MGs were put into service while the transmission on the truck was rebuilt.

By the time you’re reading this, we will have somehow gone to and returned from the NAMGAR at the Glen 2014 Regional.

Some of you may be heading to, or already be at, the Southeast British Car Festival in Dillard, GA, being hosted by the Peachtree MG Registry as another NAMGAR Regional. Of course, if you get your issue of MGA! as late as Bruce Woodson does, then this too is over. I can only hope that those who attended our two Fall Regionals had a great time, made lots of fun memories with friends, and arrived safely home without any drama!

Although the Regionals are history, there is still plenty of time to enjoy our cars this fall. Local clubs have drives and activities scheduled to keep us busy until the cold weather makes it appearance. So, be sure to make time, get some friends together, and enjoy the change of the seasons.

I know one group that is getting busy with lots of preparations, and that is the Michigan Rowdies. They are now preparing to host GT-40 in Frankenmuth, MI in less than nine months! Good thing that they started much earlier, and yet no matter how soon you start, there are always things to be done right up to the deadline. I can speak about this personally, as I’m usually just getting my article finished as the deadline approaches. What I’m trying to say is, be on the lookout very shortly for the GT-40 Registration Form and website to make their appearance. Start planning to make GT-40 one of your excursions for summer 2015!

NAMGAR chapters, I need to speak to you. Let’s start thinking about the spring and fall of 2015 and what we can do to bring our NAMGAR family together in your area! Call or email me with your ideas. I’m hoping to hear from many of you. Yes, you! So come on, there must be some annual or biannual activity that your Chapter does that we can expand or tweak a bit and viola – a Regional is born.

I’m waiting. Will you answer the call?

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Last updated on October 4, 2014.