Photo for MARCH/APRIL 2016, VOL 41 NO 4

As you see the picture in this column, you may ask why is there a '57 Chevy in MGA! magazine? I am writing this while I am on a cruise to Cuba (plus I’m an old car fanatic). We often hear about the many old cars in Cuba, especially Havana. I needed a baby's bib on as I drooled upon seeing mostly 1953-1958 cars from Chevy, Ford, Chrysler, Packard, and even Studebaker.

I really enjoyed the 1957 Chrysler which was a knock-off of "Christine" from the Steven King's novel. Some of these cars are running on diesel engines, some have front and rear disc brakes, and some even have newer gauges. There is rumored to be an MGA with a Russian engine somewhere in the mix. Look up People to People as they are licensees to get Americans into Cuba if you are looking for an adventure.

There is still time for you to register for MG2016/GT-41 in Louisville, Kentucky, which is an all MG meet. At this event all MG marques meet at the same location so you will have a chance to see the old vintage T Series, MGB, MGC, Magnette, and even rarer vintage MGs.

I cannot write about this without mentioning our cars, the MGAs. You will be able to see our favorite cars from all over the States and Canada. We have many activities planned and they've filled up so quickly that we’ve had to add additional slots for these same events. I live in Southern California and since I am still working, I fly to our GTs to see both old friends and vintage cars. Remember our motto, which is, "It is the people (including old friends) that bring us back." Make your plans to come to MG2016/GT-41 and see a part of the country you have not experienced before.

Have you and your club ever thought of having a local Regional event? This is a smaller gathering for club members to get together on a more intimate basis, where you can get to talk and make new friends on a more personal level. A car show is NOT required. Make it a fun event without too much work. Please step forward so we can get something started by contacting me. I am looking to make an announcement in our next issue about a regional GT to take place in the fall in California. Watch for breaking news in the May/ June issue.

By the time you read this, it should be almost time to take your cars out of storage and get them ready for great spring, summer, and fall drives. Our magazine is a wonderful source for information on how to do repair work. We have Mike Ash, for a little while longer at least, who has written articles for us explaining how to do a repair correctly. What would (will) our members do without his expertise and all the information he has passed along?

As you look through your magazine you will find many advertisers. Please support them and let them know you saw their ad in our magazine. Their support of MGA! helps to make this magazine what it is. And while on your way to Louisville, remember,


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Last updated on July 26, 2016.