Photo for JULY/AUGUST 2016, VOL 41 NO 6

Summer is here and it is the perfect time to drive our MGAs out on the open road. I carry my usual repair kit for my car: chewing gum to plug holes, duct tape to hold things together, smoke in a can for electrical problems and to put the smoke back in the wires, and ten quarts of oil to keep putting in my leaky engine as my car marks its territory like a cat or a dog.

Oh, I almost forgot, my trailer with a spare engine, transmission, and rear end. Looks like I am ready to make my five-mile trip to the beach.

This may sound ridiculous to some, but in reality we all carry spares to make sure we can make it home. I try to make my car “bullet proof” so it won’t break down, but Mr. Murphy always seems to visit me. On the trip to Reno at the last all-MG get together, GT-36, five years ago, I was traveling to get to our lunch stop and about 200 yards from the restaurant my car started to buck, shake, rattle, and roll. The last part was probably the radio on rock and roll.

I went into the restaurant to eat lunch quickly while I let the engine cool down. Everyone ate lunch slowly and as most group lunches go, the talk was cars, projects, and sources for parts. While folks were talking, I went outside to figure out the problem as to why the MG began running so badly, so quickly. Remember, I made this car bullet proof so it would not die and give me problems. This problem was either electrical or fuel, but I had plenty of fuel and it was also in the carb.

We all have spent so much time preparing our cars for trips and we hope nothing will happen in the way of a breakdown, but sometimes it just happens. I finally figured it out; I had a bad wire from the distributor to the coil. The crimp of the wire connecter was not solid and came loose. I went to a local NAPA auto parts store a block away and bought the wire connectors needed to do the repair. When the key went into the ignition switch and with a pull of the starter wire... VVVVAAAARRRR ROOOOOOOOOOMMM. The engine roared to life again with full power. My daughter and I were able to continue to the GT and have a great time. Guess what else I now carry in my spare kit for my car? As prepared as we all are, there is something we will not have. That's the advantage of traveling in groups, as someone hopefully will have a spare part to share to get other members back on the road.

The annual GT in Louisville is now over and I hope everyone, including you, made it to this great event. All of the different MG marques were there and made it happen. This is a one-stop car show for looking at MGs from all the decades the car was built. We have many more cars that have come out of storage and are restored so we can enjoy the beauty and effort it took to bring the car back to the "prestigious" condition when the MG was new. We should have many pictures in our next issue from the GT show. Each MG marque was involved in putting this amazing gathering together; all volunteers who share their time and energy so we may enjoy the activities, side trips, banquet dinner, and everything else that it takes to make the event happen.

Our key person for this event was our chief and commander, and also our Chairman, Carol Shamonsky. Carol has put in many hours with meetings by phone and on site inspections to make sure everyone had a vacation of a lifetime. By the time we all departed, the MG Council’s goal was to bring all marques together to create camaraderie among all MG owners.

As Vice Chairman, I assisted Carol with the planning, but I am still a "working stiff," and as such was not able to keep up with all that I was supposed to be doing to help. Planning this event was an enormous task, and thankfully Carol picked up the slack. I personally would like everyone to know what she does for NAMGAR and what a valuable person we have in her. If you enjoyed the GT event, our magazine, and all the people she has put together for this organization, please drop her a quick note of thanks.

Keep your MGA maintained and enjoy your drives on the road this summer.

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Last updated on August 27, 2016.