Photo for JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2016, VOL 41 NO 3

Winter is now upon us in North America. Based on what I have read, California will be flooded with water, which is something we have not seen for at least four years. Let's hope we get enough rain to take us out of the drought so I can wash my MG again. I also want this to happen so here on the West Coast we get enough snow for skiing and the East Coast gets enough snow for plenty of winter fun as well.

Did you all have a great holiday with plenty of food and fun with family and friends? Our family had our holiday Christmas Eve dinner on December 23 and celebrated Christmas on December 24 as my wife, Debbie, works in a hospital. She normally works Christmas Day, so we do everything a day early. Like most married people who are older and have just about everything they need, it is very hard to find gifts for each other. This year Debbie gave me a present that was on my "Bucket List." I will be jumping out of a perfectly good airplane in flight. I am not fond of heights and will have to push myself to do it with a little help from Mr. Jack.

Our MG Club enjoyed their holiday dinner at a new restaurant, which had terrific food. It was a great get-together with friends and we voted on our new Board.

This is also the season when my car is like many other NAMGAR member's cars. It is up on jack stands getting offseason work done; this time to repair a bad brake problem and improve the cooling system. The brake system on my car has a power booster for a lighter touch to the pedal when slowing down. The booster had a bad diaphragm, which caused the brake fluid level to drop with out any signs of bad wheel cylinders or calipers. The engine also diesels when the car is turned off. Well, now the braking system works great again.

Many 'A's have cooling system problems as does my car. For the past few years, my 'A' has been running hot even on leisurely drives in 70 degree temperatures. I have been reading in various BB archives for MGs on the Internet and in Mike Ash's articles how to improve cooling. This is the next project on the list, and an important one at that. In April there will be a local event called North Meets South, which is a get together about halfway between Northern California and Southern California that is held every other year. I need the MG to run perfectly or my wife will kill me! If you are in the area around then, please come join us for a good time!

Our next GT is almost upon us. If you haven't heard, GT-41 will take place in Lousville, KY on June 13-17 as part of MG2016. This is an all MG meet which includes all makes of MG, from the early '30s to the later models, like the TC, TD, TF, Magnette, MGA, MGB, MGC, and any other models that I may have missed. This gathering is only held every five years. The North American Council of MG Registers sponsors the event.

The first day, June 13, will take place at the world famous Churchill Downs, home of the Kentucky Derby. Start planning your summer vacation now for this event. When my kids were younger we planned our summer vacation around the NAMGAR GTs and saw other sites of interest in the area. The kids are grown up now, so it's just my wife and I making these treks.

Our Chairman, Carol Shamonsky, is on the Board that is putting this great event together. She is working very hard to create an experience that will be enjoyedby everyone. By the time you read this article, the Registration Form should be available on the event website. There will not be a printed Registration Form in MGA! magazine.

I'm still looking for clubs to hold a Regional Event in their local area. We all enjoy going to shows and get togethers, so why not show NAMGAR members and MGA fans what's special about your part of the world. It's fairly easy to put a Regional together. It could even be an extension of a club event that you already are planning. A car show is nice, but not necessary. Just contact me and I'll get a package to you about what has to be done to make a Regional Event happen in your neighborhood.

Safety fast until the next issue!

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Last updated on March 9, 2016.