Photo for NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2014, VOL 40/NO 2

Homework Assignments

Back in high school I dreaded homework. All I wanted to do when I got home was play with cars. I guess some things have never changed. But I have come to realize that not all homework assignments are bad. And some even have immediate rewards! This month, I need to ask everyone’s assistance in a few NAMGAR homework assignments. And if we share the workload, we will find the results rewarding and fun. Best of all, there will be no test afterwards.

First, you are invited to participate in an online NAMGAR Survey. Referring to the popular TV game show, Family Feud, they might ask, “Out of two thousand people polled, name the one thing you like most about NAMGAR.” While this isn’t exactly how we phrased our questions, this is essentially the type of information NAMGAR wants to know. That and what are some other things that NAMGAR might do to improve value for membership. It’s a great way for everyone to participate and help steer the future of our club. I thank those who have already taken the time to complete this online survey. If you did not receive an invitation, but would like to participate, please write either myself or for a link to the Survey. Be sure to complete this assignment by December 15th.

As the Holiday season is now upon us, please consider purchasing a gift item from the NAMGAR store. It could be something from our line of quality apparel or even a gift membership. But wait, there's more! Complete the NAMGAR Survey and earn a 10% discount right on the spot for online purchases! Place your order by December 3 to make sure it arrives in time for Christmas.

Please also remember the advertisers of MGA! magazine during this season of giving. These businesses support NAMGAR and our entire hobby throughout the year. A gift certificate or that special part, like a black canvas tonneau cover for my … I mean, your MG would make a great gift. And be sure to thank them for supporting NAMGAR with their advertising!

One of the greatest resources in the North American MGA Register is our membership. From friendships to technical information, and even the occasional request for “travel assistance,” NAMGAR members are always there for each other. Preparations are now in the works for the 2015-2016 Membership Directory. Take a moment to ensure your contact information is accurate.

If you've dropped your land line, a popular trend these days, be sure to replace it with your cell phone number. To update your information, simply go to the NAMGAR website and log in using the password you’ve already set up, or create your own new profile. To get started for the first time, you will need your NAMGAR membership number (not your car’s NAMGAR number). This membership number is located on the mailing label of the magazine envelope that you just threw away.

The NAMGAR Board is already making plans and budgets for 2015. Your input is needed here too. Think about someone, or some couple, who has made a real difference in the MG community. They need not be a NAMGAR member, but should be worthy of NAMGAR’s highest recognition; the Mac Spears Award. For more information on this prestigious award and former recipients, visit the NAMGAR website, and then submit your 2015 nominee to me prior to December 31st.

If you have a special request or project you would like for the Board to discuss, please let me know. The Board of Directors will be meeting in the first Quarter of 2015, and would be happy to address any suggestions on how to bring more value to the membership. We’re always looking for new places to visit too. If you know of a great spot for a Regional or a National GT, even if you aren’t in a position to host it, please let Carol Shamonsky or myself know about it!

I do know that GT-40 registration is set to open soon. The Bavarian Inn at Frankenmuth is spectacular, and we are sure to be pampered while there. The Michigan Rowdies have arranged a fantastic itinerary, with lots to see and do, and eat. So be sure to get your room booked and your registration in. This is one homework assignment that should not be skipped!

2014 was a great year for NAMGAR outings and field trips. Each one brought its own unique flavor and character. As you enjoy the stories and photos of the recent Watkins Glen and Dillard, GA Regionals in this issue, please consider attending a get-together this coming year. You will truly learn the magic of MG friendships. And, if there is a test, I’m sure you will pass with flying colors!

On behalf of the entire NAMGAR Board and Staff, have a safe and wonderful Holiday Season, and a Merry Christmas!

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Last updated on February 2, 2015.