MAY/JUNE 2014, VOL 39/NO 5

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Nooks and Crannies

I have always made fun of my wife’s travel needs. If we drive the MGA out of town, it is always packed full, even if just for a weekend trip … shoes in every nook, and books in every cranny. And, I’m still not sure how that aluminum deck lid stands up to the heavy suitcase that always travels on the rack. It’s not any better when she flies either. But to her credit, Carol knows how to keep those suitcases under the airline’s fifty pound limit.

So, here I was at the airport, checking in my suitcase for the annual NAMGAR Board of Directors meeting, and was stunned to see that MY bag was overweight! Granted, most of the weight was from materials needed for the meeting, but still! I’m sure I’ll never get to complain about her packing again.

My destination was Louisville, KY, site of GT-41 and the next “all MG meet,” hosted by the North American Council of MG Registers. While GT-41 is still several years off, it gave the NAMGAR Board an excellent opportunity to learn the area in preparation for the planning of the event. Louisville is a vibrant town, with lots to see and do; great neighborhood restaurants and scenic back roads, with a lot of history and sites to see. Of course we’ll plan to take in Churchill Downs and maybe a Bourbon distillery (or two) when we return. This will definitely be a GT to attend when 2016 rolls around.

As for the actual Board meeting, we began by welcoming our newest member, Michael Tooke … and then promptly stuck the rookie with taking minutes. There was a lot to cover this year at the Board meeting, requiring a full three days to complete the agenda!

After establishing a balanced budget for 2014, the Board focused on member related topics and where NAMGAR could make improvements. Anne Tilbury was present to outline a new and improved version of eNews!, which will keep us up-to-date on all the latest news and events. The first edition should already be in your eMailbox! If you did not receive one, and would like to be on the list, please contact Anne Tilbury at

We also discussed areas to improve on the website. As I mentioned in my last article, the Tilburys are seeking regular contributors. It could be restoration tips, scenic places you’ve driven in your MG, or even your favorite recipe that goes with an Old Speckled Hen!

For years now, the first Saturday in May has signified Drive your MGA Day, which has become an annual celebration for MGA drivers around the world. I am proud to announce that NAMGAR has now designated the first Saturday of October to be known as Drive your Magnette Day! Mark your calendars, and start making plans to drive your Magnette on Saturday, October 4th. Make it a club event and feature the Magnette!

As we concluded the Board Meeting, it signaled the “one year mark” until I cross the finish line as Chairman. Thus, the search begins for my replacement. Carol Shamonsky has expressed a desire to assume the duties of Chairman, and would make a great one. We also encourage other NAMGAR members to step forward if they would like to be considered for the position of our next Chairman.

Meanwhile, the search is on for a Vice Chairman. If you have an interest in, or know of someone who would make a good candidate, please contact me. We’re making this announcement now, so that we will have time to sort through the many nominations that will surely come in.

The GT-39 team is putting the finishing touches on what will undoubtedly be a great Get-Together in July. The Cruise to the Capital is all gassed up and ready to go, too. Just make sure you have the proper paperwork to cross the border, and you might wish to contact your automotive insurance carrier about your travel plans, if outside your home country.

As for me, I am hoping for a less “exciting” border crossing than when my wife and I last passed through customs in the MGA. We were entering back into the U.S.A. a few years ago, and a female agent was asking the usual questions while checking our paperwork. It was all going okay until she asked, “Do you have anything to declare?”

I responded, “No, we do not.”

“I can understand that,” the agent said.“ I guess there’s just not any room in that little car for anything extra.”

To which Carol innocently (and energetically) volunteered, “Oh-No. There are lots of little nooks and crannies in here to hide things.” I promptly turned the engine off to wait for the search that was certain to follow.

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Last updated on May 24, 2014.