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“Wow” is a phrase that probably gets used too often. But when it comes to MGs and NAMGAR, the word comes naturally and just seems to fit. Think about the last major refurbishment of your car. Whether paint, upholstery, or just a new set of whitewall tires, I bet you unconsciously let out a “wow” when you saw the completed job. Or, how about the first time you attended a GT, and saw the parking lot full of MGAs and Magnettes? There’s just no other word to use than, “Wow.”

As a noun, “wow” is defined as a sensational success. I think there’s no question that applies to GT-39. As you read this article, the Get-Together is just cranking up or just winding down. Either way, I want to thank Andy Bounsall and his team for all they have done to make this GT a true “WOW” event. I bet the Tilburys will be posting lots of great updates on the Cruise to the Capital on our website as well. So, be sure to check the NAMGAR website and NAMGAR on Facebook for stories, photos and more.

As an exclamation, “wow” is described as expressing admiration or astonishment. That is certainly an appropriate use of the word after hearing that Bill and Karen Marshall have asked to step down as Chapter Coordinators. They have done a great job to keep our local clubs informed of the latest news from NAMGAR, and to represent their needs at the national level, and we will miss them in that role. Under their leadership, Chapters are now provided complimentary club liability insurance as well as Director's and Officer’s coverage. The Marshalls established better communications than ever. And, they have grown our Chapter numbers to where they hardly fit on one page of the magazine. Plus, the Marshalls just added one more Chapter to our family. I think our Editor is using the smallest of fonts to get everyone in! Bill and Karen have NAMGAR’s admiration and thanks for all they’ve done. But this means the search is on for a replacement Chapter Coordinator.

If you are interested in taking a lead in this position, please contact me. Existing Chapter Contacts should really consider this position, as you have a great sense of what the job entails. Plus…the salary is twice what you’re getting as a Chapter Contact!

And, while we’re on the topic of open positions in NAMGAR, please remember that the Office of Vice Chairman is still open for nomination. While I never expected to get so many names in such a short period, I’m hoping we can get just one more, so that we will be able to announce the winner soon. And, if we don’t get a name, prepare for the usual arm-twisting that seems to come along every four years. Seriously, the job is one of the best roles of NAMGAR. Sure it takes some time and effort. But, it really has great rewards. You will get to better know the people who make NAMGAR and the MG community so special. Please contact me for more details.

As I mentioned earlier, we have a new member of the NAMGAR family. Please welcome the MG Car Club of Central New York as our newest Chapter. Based out of Syracuse, NY, they are an active club and we look forward to sharing future events together.

In fact, our next Regional event will be in their neck of the woods. Watkins Glen will be the place to be in September for the Vintage Grand Prix, featuring MG! Plan now to attend and I’m sure you will be wowed by the charm of Watkins Glen, the people in attendance, and the great race cars on the track!

As a verb, “wow” can best be described as, “to impress and excite (someone) greatly.” I think that makes “wow” the perfect word to describe an MGA. I don’t intend to infer the MGA is better than any other car. It’s certainly not the fastest, or most valuable. It’s not the most comfortable by a long shot, and arguably not the most reliable. But the wow factor is certainly there. As owners and family members, we know how it makes us feel better when we take the MG out for a run. And we also have come to learn the effect the MGA has on people we see along the way. Just pull up to any crowded parking area and wait for it.

“Wow. My buddy in college used to have an MG just like that, and we had more fun driving around in that car …. Oh wow!”

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Last updated on August 15, 2014.