Photo for AUGUST/SEPTEMBER 2014, VOL 40/No 6

Barn Finds

Opening the old barn door and peering inside was like looking back in time. There were vintage cars everywhere. Some appeared to still be in drivable condition, while others were patiently awaiting a second chance in life. And, there were a few that looked like they had been waiting too long to save. In the far-back corner, behind an old Cutlass convertible, sat an MGA Mk II roadster. Upon closer inspection, the MG appeared to be one of the few cars that might be put back on the road without major renovation. So I made my decision, and pretty soon the other cars were cleared out of the way. I was ready to see if the MGA might still have some life left in it. After freeing up a stuck rear brake, the car was rolled out and, amazingly, it started right up. I then wondered ... with less than one week to go, might I actually be able to drive this MG over seven hundred miles to Ottawa for GT-39?

We all love barn-find stories, but they rarely seem to come our way. The above story really did happen to me, although I kind of left out a detail or two. It was only a few days before GT- 39, and I had been swamped at work. I was contemplating driving the Twin Cam, but it’s not quite ready for a big road trip yet. So, I headed across town to a rental garage, where I had stored the white Mk II for longer than I realized. Unintentionally, the poor car had sat for eighteen months! And yes, the brakes really were stuck. But, it bounced back to life nicely, and made the 1400 mile round-trip with no issues. Just not quite as romantic sounding as the first version, eh?

GT-39 was certainly worth the drive, too. My wife, Carol, and I caught up with the Mid-Atlantic group (and friends) in upstate New York, and enjoyed a leisurely drive into Canada ... except for the exchange between Carol and a Canadian Border Agent. Only this time, I guess I started it when the Agent asked if we had any weapons, and I answered, “Just my wife’s mouth.” I really don’t know why I say these things.

Bruce Woodson & Mk II

So, we finally caught up to the rest of the group and made it to Ottawa just in time. And what a Get-Together it was! Thank you to Andy Bounsall, Dave Graham, and the entire Ottawa MG Club! It was a first class event, and so well organized. Thanks also to Carol Shamonsky for coordinating NAMGAR’s resources to bring it all together!

The car show was an all-time high too, with a drone taking aerial video of the beautiful show setting, the cars, and everyone having a great day. Mayor Jim Watson stopped by for a visit, and spent a great deal of time learning more about our sport and the people who make it special.

Bruce Woodson & Mayor Watson

Going into the GT, we had an opening for the Chapter Coordinator position. I’m pleased to announce that the husband and wife team of Ed Sass & Colleen Quinn have volunteered to take this important role, and I am confident they will do a fantastic job. Thanks Ed and Colleen!

Having filled the Chapter Coordinator’s position, I then used the rest of my beer tickets trying to recruit a new Vice Chairman. While I couldn’t close a deal, I did make good progress. If I only had a few more tickets.

All too soon, the GT came to an end, and plans were being made to attend GT-40 in Frankenmuth, Michigan. Hosted by the Rowdies, and led by Larry Pittman, this experienced team is well underway to making our next Get-Together very amazing.

But there are lots of miles to cover before GT-40. And in your travels, should you happen to discover an old white MGA Mk II sitting in a barn somewhere, please realize it might be mine. Also know, it’ll be back on the road in time for our next NAMGAR adventure.

Safety Fast!

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Last updated on September 29, 2014.