MAY/JUNE 2016, VOL 41 NO 5

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Here it is – Spring! Well, at least it’s supposed to be spring, but it’s snowing and baseball’s season openers are being postponed. This is not supposed to be happening now; we are supposed to be getting our cars ready for driving.

But it is April as I write this and April has the reputation for having crazy weather. Nothing is stopping us from getting our cars ready for more appropriate driving weather. Just like nothing is stopping us for registering for MG2016 (that’s GT-41 for us)!

I recently returned from Louisville where the North American Council of MG Registers convened for their last on-site pre-event visit. The excitement is mounting and there are a few surprises in the works for attendees. So don’t miss out; log on to the MG2016 website and register. I can hardly believe that it is only two months away, less by the time you get to read this. Can’t we get the U.S. Postal System to deliver mail more efficiently? I usually get my copy of MGA! a week before my next column is due.

We will be looking for some volunteers from our register willing to assist for an hour in the Registration room or take tickets at the door of a tech session or another event; we’ll also need volunteers to help with parking at the car show. If you can help, please let me know where your interest lies.Thank you in advance for your assistance.

If you already registered for MG2016, you should go back in and look at the website as there’s now a Wednesday evening event at Churchill Downs and more buses to Bardstown as well as more sessions of Kern’s Kitchen and the Fascinator workshops. Also don’t forget to look in the store at for some regalia specific to MG2016/GT-41. You can send an order by email to Jan Zorn at to be picked up in Louisville and save shipping costs.

Summer should shape up to be wonderful. Bill and I have recently joined a social club at a local lake community, which means that we can pretend we actually live on the lake while dining on the clubhouse deck, a fitting ending to a summer drive in one of our MGs. It’s the closest we’ll get to a lake house in our lifetime, so we plan on making the most of it.

I’ll be making a trip to Texas with my daughter mid-July and am very excited about being able to spend some time with former staff member, Melissa Hay. Melissa served as our Marketing and Communications Manager a few years back and NAMGAR has her to thank for finding Michael Tooke! Thank you, Melissa; he is definitely a “keeper.” By the way, Melissa, NAMGAR misses you and expects to see you soon at an upcoming GT with or without your MGA.

Naturally we’ll be doing some socializing with our local club members of the Northeastern PA British Car Club; starting Memorial Day with a club picnic following our local parade, hoping to have monthly dinner drives, and ending the season with our annual drive and BBQ. Most likely we’ll be meeting up with members of the Keystone MG Car Club; both at their annual car show and a joint event that we do every year. Our club also does another event with Keystone and Delaware Valley; not exactly sure of when that is. In October we are planning a trip to Cape Cod and spending time with the members of the Cape Cod British Car Club. As you can see, Bill and I are looking forward to being able to spend time with a few of our NAMGAR chapters throughout the summer and fall months. Check out which Chapters are close to you and plan to do the same.

I’ll close for now. See you in Louisville!

Internet Coordinators Note: The MG2016 website is now closed for online registrations. However, you can register for the event but you will have to do it at Registration in the Crowne Plaza Hotel beginning on Monday, June 13th.

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Last updated on August 27, 2016.