Photo for MARCH/APRIL 2018, VOL 43 NO 4

Did this winter get you down? Did you hibernate along with your car? No one could blame you if you did, as this winter seemed to be extremely harsh with ice, snow, and more frigid temperatures than we’ve experienced in quite a while. I know it was definitely colder than I would have liked here in Florida. I've had to wear my winter coat more times this year than in all seven of the previous years combined. Now that’s cold!

Well, I’ve got good news for you as it will soon be spring and I, for one, am hoping for bright sunny days and warmth. Yes, I know that the groundhog saw his shadow and predicted six more weeks of winter, but by the time you read this that is exactly how much time will have passed. So yes, spring is coming soon and after this winter we are all eager for that to happen.

I am looking forward to some great times before I head north. Naturally, that means a couple of Mah Jong tournaments plus at least two British car shows. The first tournament is a three day event in February and then a one day tournament in March. I'm hoping to score big and get in the money!

The British car shows are the GOF South in Altamonte Springs this March; this is an event that Bill and I usually were able to attend as it is held nearby. The other is the All British Car Show held annually in Winter Park in early April. I’m not sure if I’ll make the long trek down to Key West to join the Key West British Car Club at their annual event; but I will be there in spirit. I do know that I’m headed to GT-43 in June. I’m already registered, paid, and have my room reserved.

Both the Central Virginia British Car Club and the Mid-Atlantic MGA Chapter have worked diligently to put together a fantastic GT for all of us. You can read about it at You can also register and pay online or send in a check if you prefer. Hope you are planning on joining us in Richmond, VA this June.

The MGA Coupe is the featured car of GT-43, and I’m looking forward to seeing at least 43 of them there. I’m also hoping that the new owner of our ’59 Coupe comes. Actually it would be phenomenal if all three of our cars were to show up. I know that’s highly unlikely, but a person can hope, right?

I have another significant hope and that is that someone will step forward to fill my position as Chairman come next January. It would be most helpful if that person would get in touch with me soon so that I can help get them ready for the job. If that person might be you, please contact me or give me a phone call and we can chat. (View the requirements and responsibilities of this position).

I’m also hoping that my mail finally catches up to me as it’s being forwarded with some items that have actually gone from Florida to my former home to my new home and then back down to Florida. Some pieces have never arrived and I’m wondering if I’ll find them in my mailbox when I head back north.

That's not the best plan of action for bills that come due, so I’m actually thinking that I may have to do more online bill paying or automatic drafts so that nothing gets missed in the shuffle. Right now I’m just waiting for all the items that I need in order to prepare my taxes. Yes, that is surely a sign that spring is near!

So in closing, happy motoring and enjoy the sunshine.

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Last updated on March 26, 2018.