Photo for JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2017, VOL 42 NO 3

Here’s hoping 2017 brings a bright future for NAMGAR! Why would I say such a thing?

Well, NAMGAR is in dire need of some help – we need to find someone to take on the job and responsibilities of Marketing & Advertising Manager, preferably prior to GT-42. That is when our current manager, Randy Grossman is stepping down. Randy has done an excellent job for us; but now is the time for someone else to step up and put their spin on the job. Could it be you? I’m hoping that there is a member out there who says, “Yes, yes, it’s me!”

We have a great bunch of willing advertisers who help us bring the annual GTs to our members along with helping support the cost of publishing our award winning magazine, MGA!, printing a new membership directory, which is an expensive and time consuming project, hosting a vibrant website and allowing us to balance our annual budget. This may turn out to be a difficult task this year. All four Registers subsidized two of the dinners at MG2016, a fact that was most likely not evident to our attendees.

This was done most enthusiastically on NAMGAR’s part, but we did pay dearly for it and barely came out with any monies to help our budget. Mind you, I am not complaining, just stating a fact.

Perhaps you know that NAMGAR provides insurance for all its Chapters, both to cover their sponsored events and also to protect their Officers and Directors from personal liability. These policies are provided at no cost to the Chapters. NAMGAR is committed to continue providing this, but this past year, we were asked by the insurance companies to provide information on the total dollar amount that would be covered. We already provide our end of year statement, but they would also like to know the assets that our chapters are holding. Insurance companies are used to dealing with businesses that have properties, etc. and we, as a social organization, don’t have that, so it’s basically what we do have in chapter checking accounts, CDs, etc. We don’t need an exact amount, just a ballpark figure will do. So when we will be renewing our policies, we most likely will be asking for a dollar figure from each Chapter. I thank you in advance for helping us assist you in this matter.

Now there is a deep concern that is casting a dark cloud on 2018 and also 2019 and that is that we do not have sites for GT-43 or GT-44 at this time. We need some chapters to step up either individually or in partnership with another Chapter (similar to our co-hosts for GT-42) to host one of these GTs. As Vice-Chairman, Jeff Becker is responsible for coordinating both the annual GT and any Regional events in addition to his other duties. So if this is an area that your Chapter would be willing to help, please contact the Vice Chairman.

There seems to be some misunderstanding of what a Regional should be. So here are some typical questions and answers:

Question: Does a Regional have to have a car show? Answer: NO

Question: Does a Regional have to be associated with another event? Answer: No, the best ones stand alone

Question: Should a Regional have activities that showcase the region that it’s held in? Answer: Yes

Question: Should a Regional have activities that encourage folks to mingle by providing time and activities to do so? Answer: Yes, actually that is the best part of a Regional.

So if your Chapter would like to showcase your area and help foster friendships within our NAMGAR community or even expand our membership, then please consider hosting a Regional.

In closing, I am pleased to announce that the North American Council of MG Registers has been working with Hagerty Insurance and the Registers in order to bring a 5% discount for each Register’s members. This discount is regulated by the states in which the policyholder resides, so some parts of your coverage may not be eligible for the discount such as Hagerty Roadside Assistance or extra tool coverage. For complete details visit namgar.com

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Last updated on February 4, 2017.