Registration for GT-42 in Solvang is now open.Visit the website… Attention – NAMGAR Chapters, other MG and British Car Clubs… Join NAMGAR Click here for Membership Application Form

Registration for GT-42 in Solvang is now open.
Visit the website to register and for more information 

Attention – NAMGAR Chapters, other MG and British Car Clubs

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Photo for GT-42 Important Updates
GT-42: Solvang, CA
GT-42 Important Updates

The GT organizers from the Paradise British Car Club and the MG Owners Club of the San Francisco Bay Area have been working hard to finalize the official GT activities.… Read more

Photo for GT-42 Schedule of Events
GT-42: Solvang, CA
GT-42 Schedule of Events

The GT-42 organizers have released the following schedule of events. It should be noted that the schedule is subject to change without notice. If you haven't registered yet visit the… Read more

Photo for Things To Do at GT-42
GT-42: Solvang, CA
Things To Do at GT-42

The Solvang area offers a fantastic blend of scenery, climate, quiet winding roads, hills, coastline, and historic sites. There’s lots to do besides the activities that are part of GT-42.… Read more

Photo for MARCH/APRIL 2017, VOL 42 No 4
Side Roads
MARCH/APRIL 2017, VOL 42 No 4

Well, here we go, my first column as your new Vice Chairman. If you haven't seen my biography on the website, you'll find the official version in this issue of… Read more

Photo for First Quarter 2017
From the Chapter Coordinators
First Quarter 2017

A word from your Chapter Coordinators! This is going to be a rather short newsletter. We have three important items that we want to share. The three items will be… Read more

Photo for MGA Owner’s Heritage Pack
History of the MGA
MGA Owner’s Heritage Pack

When they were new, every MGA came with a package of information and data about the car. These were issued to the buyer by the local MG dealership at the… Read more

Photo for History of the MG Car Club: Part 13
MG Car Club History
History of the MG Car Club: Part 13

The final part of the series on the History of the MG Car Club takes us into the Millennium, and the last three Club Managers bring the 86-year-old story up to date. Read more

Photo for Time For Another GT & Time For More Memories
GT-42: Solvang, CA
Time For Another GT & Time For More Memories

Lee & Liz Niner have been to over 20 GTs. The authors of "The As Have It!" in MGA! magazine relate some of their experiences at GTs all over North America. The drive to a GT and back adds to the "being there" fun. Read more

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For Sale: MGA 1500 front and rear wings. Good condition. Need repair panels. $900 for each front, and $500 each…

Wanted: I would like to buy a MGA Coupe left hand door seal retainer AFH 2723. Contact Richard Northey via…

For Sale: 1600 MGA engine, less then 10,000 miles since last rebuild. Bored to 20 thou over, mild Crane cam,…

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